Novarino , The Leader …

Novarino is a leading company in producing bakery and pastry ingredients, offering a very wide range of products and ideas for bakers and for end consumers.

The adventure started in 1999 producing some bread improves, and day by day, the team discovers the large opportunities in bakery world and endless idea to improve bakery and pastry quality. The retail line launched in 2006 opened new horizons and gave our technical and sales team a lot of enthusiast to improve R&D performance and build strong brand wherever they go.

Thanks to his winning company strategy based on products quality, team involvement and valorization, and customers satisfaction, Novarino is considered today as a very dynamic and innovative company in bread and cake raw materials business and among the very fast growing company in this business.

Novarino is reaching customers in more than 25 countries, and sharing his passion for pastry with chiefs but also with consumers at home, and always working hard for better life, for a Sweet life.

What Clients say about Novarino ?

temoignage_omarMario Cadelo: I liked the quality of products; I had an impression of the market return. This helps break the routine, discover new recipes and learn to cook new dishes.

temoignageAlessia Fabbi: It is the best solution to make desserts variation in the evening. We are greedy and we love baking, but every day, we tend to not innovate and we always do the same cakes and desserts. With Novarino, our desserts are always differents.

life ‘s sweet . . .


Berry Cheesecake
1 packet Cheesecake of Novarino, 300 g of berries …
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Chocolat Cake
1 Packet Choco Moist of Novarino,2 packets Whipped cream of Novarino, Chocolate chips …
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Fruit Tart
1 pack Lemon Molleux of Novarino, 2 peaches, 1 apricot, peach syrup…
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Cupcake Chocolat
1 pack Cupcake of Novarino, 1 pack Chocolate mousse of Novarino, 50 g Cacao …
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Strawberry Charlotte
1 pack Strawberry Mousse of Novarino, Strawberry syrup, 1 packet Cake Tiramisu Novarino …
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Cookies Rainbow
1 packet Vanilla Cookies of Novarino, Colorful pepites …
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Bavarian cake with berries and mascarpone
1 pack Cheesecake of Novarino, 1 pack Strawberry mousse of Novarino , 100 g cherries …
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Marble Cake
1 packet Marble cake of Novarino, 100 g of White chocolate, Some fresh strawberries for decoration …
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Iced Cake
1 pack black and white of Novarino, 1 packet cream tiramisu of Novarino, 50 g Melted chocolate …
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Strawberry Sponge Cake
1 pack Sponge cake of Novarino,2 packets Whipped cream of Novarino, Strawberry Topping …
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Raspberry Fondant
1 packet Chocolat Fondant of Novarino, icing sugar, raspberry …
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Choco Cake
1 Pack Choco Moist of Novarino, 2 packets Whipped cream of Novarino, Chocolate topping …
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